Secure payment with Paypal

No need to create a Paypal account to pay with Paypal

You can pay without a Paypal account if you do not want one, during payment go with "Create an account" and on the next page select "No, I don't want an account now." at the bottom of the page. Just enter your banking information as any other website.


What happens if my package is broken?

First of all, just contact us, we want to solve this issue as much as you want : ! But if you think we are not helping you as much as you expected, Paypal enables you to create a conflict if there is a serious problem with the product you bought, so that you can get your money back and we can get our product back. We all care about ending well every transaction.

Your banking information is not shared with us

Paypal is managing the transaction, this means we will not access any of your banking information, the IT security of the transaction is also managed by Paypal.