About us

Our company

Founded in 2016 by Brice, WeFarmbot is a company of passionate people based in Hong Kong and Xiamen (South China). We are specialized at producing open hardware kits.

Our goal is to supply top quality products at the most affordable price. We believe Farmbot is the next technological leap that will change the world and we would like to make it affordable and easy to access while keeping it open.

WeFarmbot is committed to evolving with the industry by providing more environmentally friendly products and taking on plastic recycling services along with logistic management.


Email is our preferred contact method and we respond promptly to all emails. You can send your questions, feedbacks or suggestions to info@wefarmbot.com or through the contact form


We decided to settle in Hong Kong and South China to be close to factories working with us for two main reasons. The first one is to ensure high and constant quality control of all components we supply. The second is to lower production costs by reducing intermediaries in order to offer the best prices.

Our team

Brice is graduated in IT engineering in France, certified ISO27001 a 7 country based company, worked in app development and open hardware for 6 years in Asia. He loves outdoor sports, travelling and building new machines.

Nicolas is graduated from business school in Bordeaux, France. He has experience in Sales and customer management in the aircraft industry and worked with some of the biggest airlines in the world. He loves technology and making everyone happy.

What do we do

Top Quality Products at competitive price.


All products comply with the required safety regulations and are manufactured in factories, which are inspected by our quality assurance partners.


We specialize in open hardware kits. Our customers include both private customers and companies around the world that rely on our expertise and solutions tailored to their guest, their service offerings and the geographic regions where they are.


Our Strategy is to provide our customers with the most cost effective, fast, reliable, certified, and ready to install. We achieve this by treating customers as partners and together finding collaborative ways to reduce overall costs and to increase efficiencies.