WeFarmbot is now selling its last Farmbot v 1.2 kits at very competitive cost, that’s why we wanna detail how much does a Farmbot v 1.2 kit really cost to make. We source all components in China apart from the US Digital encoders that are imported by us from USA.

Motors/cabling updates, sequences on video!

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As our first production batch was completely sold out, we produced a new production batch and improved many aspects thanks to your feedback and suggestions.

New encoder update !

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Hey everyone! Until now we were using encoders from Avago, the HEDS-9701#E50 with 200 lines disks and differential output for quadrature check.

First kits sent out !

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Our first kits were sent this week and the remaining kits will be sent very soon. They will be sent with DHL/UPS depending on the destination country. The box is 1550x280x170mm big and weigh about 31kg!

Plexiglas boards and wiring update!

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For the first version of the documentation we made the plexiglas boards for the boxes by hand so the result was far from perfect.
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